Diy dmc floss inventory mini book

Have you ever been to a craft store and found a great sale on floss, but you couldn’t remember what you already had at home? So you buy a handful that you think you need but when you get home – you’ve already got them? I’ve been there more times than I can count! That’s precisely why we developed the DMC Floss Mini Book—a compact, portable savior for every cross-stitcher. Inspired by the extensive collection passed down from my mum, this handy organizer helps me fill gaps in my stash without yet another 310 (always need 310, right?), and also simplifies tracking everything I own.

Why You Need Our Floss Inventory Mini Book

Dmc thread inventory tracker printable single pageOur Thread Inventory Mini Book is your perfect crafting companion, designed to make shopping and organizing a breeze. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

  • On-the-Go Convenience: Easily slips into a purse, handbag, or even your pocket, making it your go-to for color matching while shopping.
  • Quick Color Matching: With the complete set of DMC colors in numerical order and visual samples, you can swiftly compare and find the exact threads you need.
  • Inventory Management: Helps track your purchases in real time, preventing those pesky duplicate buys and spotting missing colors instantly.
  • Easy Home Reference: Always handy for quick checks when you’re diving into new patterns.
  • Customizable Content: Update it with new colors as DMC releases them, keeping your collection current and comprehensive.
  • Pick it up in our shop here: DMC Floss Inventory Mini Book

Creating Your Own Floss Inventory Mini Book

What You’ll Need

Step-by-Step Assembly

Step 1: Print Your Mini Book

Print on a standard US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 (210mm x 297mm) sheet of paper. Choose lighter paper rather than cardstock to ensure easy folding.

Diy dmc floss inventory mini book

Begin by printing the DMC floss color chart on high-quality paper. This ensures the colors are vibrant and the book lasts longer.

Step 2: First Fold

Fold your printed page in half lengthwise. This is also known as the “hot dog fold.” Crease it well, then unfold.

Make a mini book dmc 02

Step 3: Second Fold

Fold the paper in half widthwise: the “hamburger fold.” Crease thoroughly and then unfold.

Step 4: Create a W-Fold

Refold the paper lengthwise (returning to the hot dog fold). Then, fold the top and bottom edges to meet the central crease, creating a W-like shape when viewed from the side.

Step 5: Cutting Time

Follow the dotted line printed on your page. With the paper still folded in the hamburger style, make a single cut along this dotted line, cutting only through the top half of the folded sheet, from the folded edge to the midpoint.

Make a mini book dmc 08

Step 6: Final Folds

Fully open the paper, which now features a slit in the middle from your cut.

Make a mini book dmc 12


Refold the paper lengthwise back into the hot dog fold.

Make a mini book dmc 14

Then, lift and push the two halves towards each other along the cut, letting the paper collapse into a layered booklet.

Step 7: Finish Your Mini Book

Press down firmly on the folded edges to define the spine of your mini book. This solidifies the creases into a bound-like edge, facilitating easier flipping through your mini book.

Make a mini book dmc 15


You can glue the front cover pages together, and also page 3, to make it a little more sturdy – completely optional (I have only thought about doing this!)

Step 8: Use Your Mini Book

Now, mark the number of each color you own directly in the book (or just tick) —this visibility will help you manage your stash flawlessly!

Enhance Your Cross Stitching Experience

Whether organizing your stash at home or navigating the colorful aisles of your local craft store, this mini book will transform your crafting routine. Say goodbye to unnecessary duplicates and hello to a perfectly managed thread collection.

Happy cross stitching! May your threads always be orderly, and your colors bright.

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