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Welcome to LostInCrossStitch.com! We’re a mother-daughter duo, Sandy and Kirsty, in Brisbane Australia.

We specialize in small, delightful cross stitch, perfectly sized for your busy life. Each pattern is crafted with love and care, ensuring that you can enjoy the sweet success of a finished piece without the daunting commitment of larger projects. Or maybe in between the big ones 🙂 We also offer a range of printables – ones we’ve needed for our own hobby – like DMC floss inventories in 3 different layouts (one fits right into your purse!) and project cards so you can collect the floss you need for a project, and give yourself more stitching time!

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Our Journey

I’m Sandy – my adventure with cross-stitch began many years ago when I was on a walk with my 3 month old baby, after dropping my toddler at kindy. I was a newly full-time mum living in a new city. We’d moved for my husband’s job. I knew no one and was immensely sad after the sudden death of my eldest brother, a long way from where we were living.

That day I think I was blessed when a display of cross-stitch patterns and threads in the window of Lincraft caught my eye. I literally couldn’t walk past them. The precision, vibrancy, and intricate details of these designs spoke to my sad soul.

I had to go in look around. I came out with my first cross stitch book to sew my girls’ names, a piece of linen and just enough threads to stitch one letter (hey I had a young family, we didn’t have a lot of spare cash!). I’d been a sewist for years so this was just another needle craft, right?


Tiny perfect little cross stitches on linen
tiny perfect little cross stitches on linen – my little girl’s name

Cross-stitch became more than just a hobby; it was a comforting companion during life’s tumultuous moments, especially during the loss of my beloved brother.

It provided a peaceful escape, and I was able to get lost in cross stitch for small portions of the day, when my toddler was at kindy and my baby was sleeping.

It was really something of a saviour – these kinds of crafts are now known to have amazing mental and emotional health benefits. I didn’t know that as a young mum, I just knew I found peace there.

I went on to design my own cross stitch patterns, and that led to designing and making kits for a couple of shops, and eventually to our Etsy shop and now our website.

I remember the joy of finishing a design so that’s why we have many small patterns that you can complete in a short time.

Kirsty, my daughter who was the 3 month old baby when cross stitch found me, is now the co-creator of Lost In Cross Stitch.

She brings her meticulous attention to detail into every design we create and chart pack we publish (we don’t do kits though!). While her passions now include baking and gaming, her roots in cross-stitching and her skills as a data analyst ensure every pattern is crafted to perfection.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to spread the joy of cross-stitch. Whether you’re picking up a needle for the first time or you’re an experienced stitcher, we have something for everyone. We believe in the joy of creating, the therapeutic rhythm of the needle and thread, and the pride of a completed project.

Join us in this delightful journey of creativity, community, and getting lost in cross-stitch.

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