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In this second part of the series, we’re looking at creative ways to finish cross stitch projects by using them on wearables and personal items, adding a unique touch to everyday objects.

I’ve spent wayyy too long researching this post – I thought I was across all the possible ways you can finish cross stitch but wow – there are incredibly creative people on the planet and if you don’t get at least one new idea here, let me know!

2. Personalizing Clothing with Cross Stitch

Create unique, personalized clothing pieces that showcase your creativity and style and give you a new way to finish a cross stitch and wear your craft with pride.

Choosing the Right Fabric and Thread

Choose durable fabrics like cotton or denim that can hold the stitches well and are comfortable to wear. Make sure your embroidery floss is colour fast – of course we’ll always say DMC fits the bill.

Placement and Design Ideas

10654540 detailed image of the pocket of denim jeans stock photo

Get creative with where you place your cross stitch designs on clothing, like a small motif on the pocket of a denim jacket, or a border to the hem of a t-shirt (or sleeve hem, or neckline).

Try adding a personalized monogram to a cap – not the rim, obviously – you’d need a drill to get through that thickness!

Popular design ideas include geometric patterns, botanical motifs, and quirky phrases that reflect your personality.

Finishing Techniques for Clothing Items

You will need to buy some waste canvas. Then sew a square of waste canvas big enough for your cross stitch onto the item of clothing you want to decorate.

When you’ve stitched your design, you remove the waste canvas – pull it out thread by thread – from your jeans/tshirt/bag.

Be sure that you don’t stitch through the threads of the waste canvas or you will swear – a lot – when you try to remove the canvas threads.

It is worth it though – it’s lovely and lasts for many years, especially if you finish the back of your stitches neatly to prevent snags and unraveling.

Fusible interfacing or fabric backing can give your stitches extra protection.

Turn the garment inside out before washing in cold water on a gentle cycle, to preserve the design.

3. Cross Stitch Accessories and Jewelry

You might not have thought about jewelry as a way to finish cross stitch – to be honest, nor had I until I started researching this post. But it’s pretty awesome!

You can make rings, earrings and pendants – and if you go up a tiny bit in size, charms and keychains are next!

You can create stunning accessories that stand out and experiment with high thread count fabrics (though you might need a magnifying glass!) and materials like metal mesh, wooden pre-drilled shapes and of course, plastic canvas – that can all stretch your stitching skills.

If you’re up for a challenge, or just want to try something new, this could be for you!

A Unique Cross Stitch Finish: Jewelry

Find mini motifs that will scale down to fit jewelry findings, or stitch up bands to make bracelets.

A delage calvet cuff bracelet wrist cr 1402562505
image credit: creative poppy

Add beads, sequins, or tiny charms to add texture and sparkle, and initials, names, or meaningful symbols to turn a simple accessory into a special keepsake.


4. Bags

Consider the size, shape, and material of the bag to ensure that it complements your cross-stitch design. A plain canvas tote or a denim backpack can provide the perfect canvas for your creative expression. Or, you can add a panel to the flap or pocket.

Tips for Cross Stitching a Bag

Aside from using the best thread you can (DMC of course):

  • Make sure to fasten the thread securely at the back of the fabric to prevent it from unraveling
  • Stitch firmly so you don’t have looser stitches that might catch
  • Protect the back of the design with fusible interfacing
  • Consider applying a fabric sealant to protect the stitches.

5. Key chain cross stitch finish

Well, key chains are almost a subculture. Definitely a rabbit hole! You can make them from bands and finish with metal ends, make mini designs and insert into plastic shapes, and even cross stitch onto pre-drilled shapes.

Cross stitch keychain bunny
https://wombatlaser. Com. Au/products/bunny-cross-stitch-keyring-cross-stitch-blank


Craft insert keyring
these are great because your stitches are protected!

However you decide to make a keyring, you can personalise them with a name, phone number, and your (or the recipient’s) favourite motifs.

Tie Fighter, anyone?

6. Charms

This isn’t too far away from keyrings really, because you could definitely use a keyring as a charm on your backpack, tote bag or phone (are phone charms still a thing?).

Or, stitch onto plastic canvas and trim to shape. Add a keyring chain and you’re good to go.

7. Pins/Badges

Also not too far from bookmarks – pins! Use the same types of small designs.

  • stitch onto fabric to make self-cover buttons
  • stitch onto plastic canvas or perforated paper

Either cut your design to shape or fix to a small sturdy card or finish as a covered button, then fix to a pin back.

Pin back to finish cross stitch
pin back to finish cross stitch

8. Patches

For a patch, you’d definitely only be stitching onto fabric. This technique means you’re not using waste canvas, which can be really tricky to remove.

Finish the edges well, and then sew onto a bag or item of clothing. These are probably more robust than stitching directly onto clothing. There’s a great tutorial at Gathered.

How to make a sew on patch with cross stitch f55b161
image credit: gathered


Creative Ideas for Personalizing Your Cross Stitch Finish

  1. Seasonal Motifs: bring a touch of the season to your personal items – create cheerful spring florals, vibrant summer fruits, cozy autumn leaves, or festive winter snowflakes to
  2. Thematic Designs: Mix and match designs – like animals with inspirational quotes – to create a collection that speaks to your interests and passions.

Gift Ideas and Occasions:

  1. Meaningful Gifts: Personalize a phone case (a phone case!!) with a loved one’s initials, stitch a notebook cover with a motivational quote, or create a custom tote bag for a friend.
  2. Special Occasions: Celebrate milestones like graduations, anniversaries, or weddings with unique cross-stitched gifts. A personalized keychain, embroidered wristlet, or monogrammed hat can be cherished keepsakes for your loved ones.

Really, the only limit here is your imagination.

And time. I don’t know about you, but there’s enough cross stitch time for me!

More To Come on Cross Stitch Finishes

8 down, 12 to go.

So far we’ve covered many ways you can frame your cross stitch finishes, and 7 ways to use your work on personal items. Next up in the series: some interesting bits and pieces for around the house.

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