Are you running out of ideas on how to showcase your cross stitch and looking for another ways to finish cross stitch? If you’ve already explored framing options in part 1 and pondered wearables in part 2, it’s time to get even more creative! In this third installment of our series, we’re looking at unique and stylish ideas for using your finished cross stitch projects as home decor.

Create a Pillow or Cushion

A cozy pillow or cushion can add a touch of handmade charm to your living space. It’s a delightful way to showcase your creativity and crafting skills beyond traditional framing. Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to crafting a cross stitch pillow that will effortlessly blend artistry and comfort into your home decor.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Cross Stitch Pillow

  1. Gather Your Materials: Begin by collecting the essentials – your finished cross stitch piece, fabric to support the cross stitch, coordinating fabric for the pillow backing, needle and thread, scissors, pins, maybe some piping, and stuffing material.
  2. Prepare the Fabric: Cut 1 piece of your support fabric to the desired size, and one piece of the decorative fabric. You could use the same fabric for the front and the back. You can choose a plain fabric that complements your cross stitch or opt for a pattern to add an extra pop of personality.
  3. Make the pillow front: Place your cross stitch – wrong side down –  onto the support fabric and pin it in place.
  4. Sew the Pieces Together: Carefully stitch around the edges to attach it securely to the fabric.
  5. Sew the pillow back to the front: Place your cross stitch face down onto the pillow back fabric. Stitch around all four edges, being sure to leave a small opening along one edge of the fabric to insert the stuffing later. Make sure the stitches are tight – maybe 2.5mm – so filling doesn’t escape once the pillow is complete.
  6. Add the Stuffing: Gently stuff your pillow with polyester fiberfill or your preferred cushioning material until it’s as plump as you prefer. Don’t overfill, as it can distort the shape of your pillow.
  7. Close the Opening: Once you’re satisfied with the stuffing, hand-stitch the opening closed using an invisible stitch for a seamless look. Double-check the stitches to ensure they are secure and invisible from the front.
  8. Fluff and Display: Fluff to evenly distribute the stuffing and enjoy the new cozy touch to your decor.
Cross stitch pillow
Cross stitch pillow

Make a Quilt Square

Adding cross stitch to a quilt is a beautiful and practical way to finish cross stitch projects. Depending on the design, it can also help to make the quilt even more personal.

Incorporating Cross Stitch into a Quilt

Once you’ve finished stitching your cross stitch, decide what block design you’re going to use. Choose colours that complement the cross stitch.

As with the cushion, ideally you’ll back the cross stitch with a piece of fabric from your quilt block.

Stitch the cross stitch to the fabric square, then stitch the block as usual.

If you’re making several cross stitches, arrange them with all your completed blocks in a way you love.

Whether you opt for a symmetrical layout or a more eclectic design, each quilt square is a unique piece of art.

Let your imagination soar as you blend the traditional art of cross stitch with the timeless charm of quilting – you’ll have a masterpiece that is as unique as you are.

Convert into a Wall Hanging

This is an interesting and possibly more cost effective way of displaying your work.

Simply hem your work and add a pocket along the top and/or bottom. Then thread a wooden dowel or a metal rod through the pocket.

Add a decorative cord, maybe some cute embellishments like tassels or ribbons or twine, and hang.


Deck the halls cross stitch by caterpillar cross stitch

You’ll want to think about how to protect your cross stitch from dust over time: fabric protectors are great. Or, wash it now and then.

Cross Stitch Coasters

Yes it is possible to make functional items out of cross stitch. I first saw these in the 1990s – clear plastic coasters with room at the back to insert a cross stitch design.

They came in all shapes and sizes and were pretty expensive. So I had just 3 :) This is them:



They’ve kind of stood the test of time – nearly 30 years later they’re still kind of clear though they’re looking aged, now I take a close look. And there’s the burn marks from when a guest stubbed out a cigarette. Right???

These are great for small designs, and in 2024 as I write this there are literally dozens of ways to create a cross stitch coaster:

  • small wooden or cork shapes with tiny holes that you can cross stitch directly into (but would you want a drink resting directly on your stitches?)
  • many more shapes and sizes of plastic, prespex and acrylic frames that are much cheaper than my originals above (like this on Amazon)
  • make them out of plastic canvas (again, drinks directly on your stitches but they’d wash and dry easily)
  • stitch them into quilting squares and make a fabric coaster
  • hem the finished piece and stitch it onto a slightly larger piece of felt or cork.

Coasters a great way to create holiday-themed decor, make mementos of your travels, or have around just because!

Cross Stitch Ornaments

Speaking of holidays, have you ever thought about making ornaments from cross stitch?

From Christmas to Easter, Halloween to Thanksgiving, and every special moment in between, there’s a cross stitch design waiting to be stitched into a beautiful ornament.

Christmas gnome
This cutie is stitched on paper!

Design Inspiration

Look for festive patterns like snowflakes, Santa Claus, Easter eggs, pumpkins, or hearts, depending on the holiday or theme you’re celebrating.

You can also find amazing patterns for 3D ornaments, like this one:

Christmas 3d

Stitch them on Aida, evenweave, or even perforated paper. Back with the same material, or with felt or a themed fabric.

Add embellishments like tassels, ribbons or even shineys like sequins and beads.

Add a loop to hang them and – tadah!

Cross Stitch Magnets

Like coasters and ornaments, you can mount your designs onto magnets! The can add flair to your fridge or memo holders on magnetic boards.

You can fit your completed cross stitch design into a frame, add a small magnetic strip or attach a magnet to the back and in minutes, you’ll have a tiny, eye-catching display that brightens up any metallic surface.

Or, stitch onto paper or plastic canvas.

One of our customers sent this image she made from our Tiny Little Malta flag map design. She made it into a fridge magnet – we couldn’t love it more!

Malta magnet

Cross stitch magnets can make thoughtful and personalized gifts.

So many ideas, so little time

I’ve about run down now – though doing a Google on these ideas gets overwhelming (for me anyway) and it’s eating up stitching time, you know!

But, I hope these ideas can help you feel like you can keep getting lost in cross stitch forever :)

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