My dmc floss book is bound with ribbon

If you’re looking for a way to take control of your embroidery floss with a system that’s both elegant and efficient – Our DMC Cross Stitch Floss Organizer Cards could be what you’re looking for.

Our Floss Organizer Cards offer a fantastic way to keep your threads beautifully organized and immediately accessible.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating these cards, whether you’re printing directly onto cardstock or using sticker paper, plus tips on laminating for durability.

What You Need

  • Our DMC Cross Stitch Floss Organizer Cards
  • Printer – either for thick paper or one that can print on 220gsm (about 60 lb cover weight) cardstock – most home printers can handle this weight easily
  • Cardstock – 220gsm (60 pound) or whatever your printer can use. Thicker card is often expensive so follow our directions for a ‘sandwich’ to make your cards sturdy.
  • Sticker paper (optional but recommended if you’re printing on light weight card)
  • Laminating sheets (optional but recommended)
  • Scissors/craft knife/paper trimmer
  • 10mm (approximately 3/8 inch) hole punch

Step 1: Choose Your Printing Method

Decide whether you want to print directly onto cardstock or print onto sticker paper. The choice might depend on your printer’s capabilities and the final look you prefer:

  • Directly on Cardstock: Provides a sturdy base for your cards.
  • Sticker Paper: Offers a smoother finish; print on sticker paper and fix it to cardstock for added sturdiness. Note that if you use glossy sticker paper and an ink printer, you’ll need to leave more drying time. We recommend non-glossy but if you already have glossy, just leave it to dry longer before the next step. This way you reduce the risk of any smudging and potential discolouring of your floss.

Step 2: Print Your Floss Organizer Cards                         

Print dmc floss organiser card
print dmc floss organiser card – on card or sticker paper

Load your printer with your chosen paper or card and print the pages.

Make sure the print settings are adjusted to the highest quality for clear, vibrant images of the floss colors.

Sept 2a: Make A Card ‘Sandwich’ (Optional)

Sticker paper for dmc thread organizer cards
sticker paper for dmc thread organizer cards

If you’ve printed on sticker paper, stick the paper to a sheet of card. Remember to leave it to dry so that you reduce the risk of ink smudging onto your floss. If you choose to laminate, this risk is eliminated (we’ve never had ink transfer to floss, because we laminate).

Step 3: Laminating for Longevity (Optional but Recommended)

Laminate dmc floss cards

Before cutting out your cards, consider laminating them. This step is especially useful because it:

  • shields your cards from dust and fraying edges
  • makes the cards sturdier and less likely to stick together or tear
  • reduces the risk of any ink transferring onto your floss
  • increases the lifespan of your cards significantly. My first set of homemade floss cards cards lasted 30 years without lamination but they were very ragged by the time I replaced them!

We suggest laminating before cutting – the laminate edge can get raggy, much more so than a cut laminated edge, which is firmer.

Step 4: Cut and Trim Your Floss Organizer Cards

Trim dmc floss organizer cards
trim dmc floss organizer cards

After printing (and optionally laminating), use scissors or another cutting tool to cut out your cards according to the guidelines provided on the prints.

Step 5: Punch Holes

Punch holes in your laminated dmc floss organizer cards
punch holes in your laminated dmc floss organizer cards

Using a 10mm (3/8″) hole punch, create holes where marked on the card:

  • next to the color number, name, and color swatch to facilitate easy organization and binding.
  • along the opposite edge to make binding possible.

Step 6: Organize Floss Cards and Bind Them

My dmc floss book floss organiser cards is bound with ribbon
my dmc floss book is bound with ribbon

Arrange your cards from page 1 to 13, and bind them together using a ribbon, elastic, shower curtain rings, a ring binder – the choice is yours!

This method allows you to flip through your floss collection effortlessly and keeps your threads neatly organized.

With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll have a professional-looking set of floss organizer cards that make it easier to manage your floss, find any colour when you need it, and get lost in cross stitch faster!

Feel free to share your finished floss organizer cards on social media, and link back to our blog post here to help others see the benefits of this system compared to traditional bobbins!

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