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DMC Floss Organizer Cards – Printable Instant Download

8.33 $

This innovative, printable system is designed to keep your DMC floss collection perfectly organized and tangle-free.

Our DIY Floss Organizer System for DMC Floss is a must-have for every cross stitcher and embroiderer!

This innovative, printable system is designed to keep your thread collection perfectly organized and tangle-free, is a compact easy-to-use way to store your embroidery threads, and a great alternative to floss bobbins.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Scanned images of the threads, official color numbers and floss names for easy reference. (Note that your printer may show the colours slightly differently – because ink on paper and dye on cotton produce different results.)
  • Comprehensive Storage Solution: Manage all your DMC floss colors with our 12-page set. Each page features three cards, with 17 threads per card, ensuring every skein has its place.
  • Customizable & Expandable: Add more as your collection grows and never run out of space!
  • Easy Setup & Use: Print on US Letter or A4 paper (two sizes included in your download, choose the one you need), cut out, punch, and assemble the cards using rings or ribbons.
  • Full instructions provided for hassle-free assembly.
  • Space-Efficient and Compact Alternative to Bobbins: Say goodbye to rewinding and orphan threads!
  • Get stitching faster with your pre-cut threads: To start, you’ll wind a skein onto a measuring card, cut one end, then thread the floss bundle onto your punched card. Loosely braid the ends to prevent tangling. Enjoy having pre-cut, ready-to-use threads – pull even one strand at a time! Never deal with orphan threads again.
  • Instant Access & Reusability: Digital download means immediate delivery and unlimited prints. Set up multiple kits or replace used cards easily.
  • Portable Project Planning: Quickly transfer threads from the master set to a project card, making it simple to take your next masterpiece on the go. (see our project cards in our shop)

What’s Included

  • 12 printable pages (3 cards per page – special cards in their own sub-set at the end) – with space for discontinued and new threads
  • Scanned images of each thread type
  • Complete instructions for assembly and use

Why Get Cards That You Have To Make Yourself?

  • Instant access right after purchase—no waiting, no shipping fees.
  • Print as many times as you need for personal use.
  • Great for crafting multiple kits or replacing used sets.
  • Easily see what floss colours you have, and what you need to buy.
  • Securely store the downloaded files for future use, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Get your floss organized today and spend more time stitching and less time untangling. Perfect for crafters who love efficiency and order. Make your crafting space as creative and organized as your art!

We’re With You Every Stitch of the Way

We’re stitchers too! When we say we design patterns for cross stitchers by cross stitchers, we mean it. We keep our symbols sensible, minimise confetti, and try to have logical colourways (if you know, you know). We’re dedicated to ensuring your experience is as enjoyable as the finished product.

Digital items are final sale because they can’t be returned. But we care about your satisfaction!

If something isn’t right with your pattern, please contact us. We’ll do our best to sort it out and make sure you enjoy your stitching. Contact us any time through our contact form.

Please Note on Personal Use

This pattern is lovingly designed for your personal crafting pleasure. We ask that you respect the effort behind this creation by not distributing or using it for commercial purposes. You CAN sell anything you stitch, but you can’t sell the pattern. if you’d like to make kits to sell from our patterns, please contact us to discuss.

Celebrate your completed work by sharing it with our community or on social media – we love seeing your creations!


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