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Celestial Turtle Cross Stitch Pattern

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A stitching journey that bridges the ocean depths with the starry skies in our Celestial Turtle cross stitch pattern.

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Dive Into the Cosmos with Our Celestial Turtle Cross Stitch Pattern

This is a stitching journey that bridges the ocean depths with the starry skies in our Celestial Turtle cross stitch pattern.

This unique design marries the serene beauty of a turtle with the mesmerizing hues of a blue and peachy nebula, creating a piece that’s as tranquil as it is captivating. With the turtle’s features elegantly outlined amidst the cosmic swirl, this pattern invites you to explore the wonders of the sea and space simultaneously.

Pattern Features

Dimensions: Crafted on a canvas of 125×110 stitches, the finished piece measures approximately 8.93″ x 7.86″ on 14ct Aida, making it a perfect statement piece for your home.

Color Palette: A rich selection of 36 colors brings the nebula’s awe-inspiring beauty to life, with shades that highlight the turtle’s majestic presence against the cosmos.

Skill Level: Designed for stitchers with a taste for complexity but without the complication of backstitches or fractional stitches. This pattern is a delightful challenge for the advanced beginner and beyond.

Your Download Includes

  • A high-resolution, full-color PDF pattern with clear, easy-to-follow symbols.
  • A black and white chart version for economical printing.
  • A vibrant, color chart version for those who prefer a colorful guide.
  • A complete DMC thread list and color key.
  • A thread organizer sheet, ensuring your project stays organized.
  • A ‘map’ to help you navigate multi-page patterns with ease.
  • A Pattern Keeper file, making digital stitching a breeze.
  • Bonus: A cross-stitching tips sheet filled with handy advice to enhance your crafting experience.

Perfect For:

Adding a touch of celestial wonder to your décor, be it in the living room, a tranquil nook, or a child’s bedroom.

Gifting to nature and astronomy lovers alike, offering them a unique piece that combines the best of both worlds.

Indulging in a project that promises relaxation and satisfaction, as you bring to life the cosmic dance of colors and shapes.

We’re With You Every Stitch of the Way

We’re stitchers too! When we say we design patterns for cross stitchers by cross stitchers, we mean it. We keep our symbols sensible, minimise confetti, and try to have logical colourways (if you know, you know). We’re dedicated to ensuring your experience is as enjoyable as the finished product.

Digital items are final sale because they can’t be returned. But we care about your satisfaction!

If something isn’t right with your pattern, please contact us. We’ll do our best to sort it out and make sure you enjoy your stitching. Contact us any time through our contact form.

Please Note on Personal Use

This pattern is lovingly designed for your personal crafting pleasure. We ask that you respect the effort behind this creation by not distributing or using it for commercial purposes. You CAN sell anything you stitch, but you can’t sell the pattern. if you’d like to make kits to sell from our patterns, please contact us to discuss.

Celebrate your completed work by sharing it with our community or on social media – we love seeing your creations!


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