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Celestial Octopus Cross Stitch Pattern

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Embark on a stitching odyssey to the depths of the ocean and beyond with our Celestial Octopus cross stitch pattern

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Unveil the Cosmos with Our Nebula Octopus Cross Stitch Pattern

Embark on a stitching odyssey to the depths of the ocean and beyond with our Celestial Octopus cross stitch pattern. This exquisite design melds the mysterious allure of a majestic octopus with the ethereal beauty of a purple and blue nebula, creating a piece that’s as captivating as it is unique.

With 133×123 stitches and a palette of 33 colors, this pattern will stitch out to around 9 inches square on 14ct Aida (about 24cm square). It’s a rewarding project for keen stitchers of all levels, crafted to be as user-friendly as possible.

Why This Pattern Will Captivate You

🐙Skill Level Accessibility: Ideal for stitchers with a zest for projects that combine simplicity and grandeur, this design is free of part stitches and back stitches, making it welcoming for everyone.
🐙Vibrant Color Scheme: Immerse yourself in the depths of space and sea with 33 stunning colors that bring the nebula’s mystery and the octopus’s elegance to life.
🐙Designed by Stitchers, for Stitchers: We understand the importance of clear, easy-to-follow charts. Our patterns are created to avoid confusing or eye-dazzling symbols, ensuring a smooth stitching experience.

Your Pattern Pack Includes

  • A vivid full-color image of the finished design for reference.
  • A black and white chart for those who prefer a classic stitching guide.
  • A color chart for stitchers who love a visually rich guide.
  • A detailed DMC thread list for perfect color matching.
  • A thread organizer sheet to keep your project neat and manageable.
  • An assembly ‘map’ for easy navigation of multi-page patterns.
  • A Pattern Keeper-compatible version for a seamless digital stitching experience.

Transform Your Space and Inspirations

Add a touch of the cosmic and the deep sea to your home decor with a finished piece that’s both majestic and elegant.

Perfect as a gift for the nature and space enthusiast in your life, blending their love for the ocean’s depths and the universe’s vastness.

An exceptional project that not only decorates a space but also sparks conversations about the beauty and mystery of our world and beyond.

Please Note

This listing is for the digital download of the Celestial Octopus cross stitch pattern only. The necessary materials to complete this project are not included.

We’re With You Every Stitch of the Way

We’re stitchers too! When we say we design patterns for cross stitchers by cross stitchers, we mean it. We keep our symbols sensible, minimise confetti, and try to have logical colourways (if you know, you know). We’re dedicated to ensuring your experience is as enjoyable as the finished product.

Digital items are final sale because they can’t be returned. But we care about your satisfaction!

If something isn’t right with your pattern, please contact us. We’ll do our best to sort it out and make sure you enjoy your stitching. Contact us any time through our contact form.

Please Note on Personal Use

This pattern is lovingly designed for your personal crafting pleasure. We ask that you respect the effort behind this creation by not distributing or using it for commercial purposes. You CAN sell anything you stitch, but you can’t sell the pattern. if you’d like to make kits to sell from our patterns, please contact us to discuss.

Celebrate your completed work by sharing it with our community or on social media – we love seeing your creations!


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