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If you’d like an easier way to quickly identify the count of cross stitch fabric from your stash, our printable cross stitch ruler is here to save the day!

Picture this: you’re excited to start a new project and you need a piece of 14 ct fabric, but is the piece you’re looking at 16, 11, or 18 count? No worries! With our user-friendly printable cross stitch ruler, you can quickly and accurately determine the fabric count, making your stitching journey a breeze.

Why Didn’t I Put a Label On It?

While labeling fabric sounds like a solution, let’s be real – who does it?

Plus, labels can damage fabric (rusty pin, anyone?) or fall off.

That’s why we’re introducing our handy, free printable cross stitch ruler for our email subscribers at Lost in Cross Stitch.

Let’s take a look at how this simple tool makes your stitching life easier and more enjoyable. 

Free aida ruler
free aida ruler


Why You Need a Cross Stitch Ruler

Ever stashed away fabric only to forget its count? We’ve all been there. The printable ruler is your quick, no-fuss solution. No glue, no pins, no labels – just measure and stitch. It’s your go-to tool for those “what count is this fabric?” moments.

Buying a physical ruler is an option, but our printable version is both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. It reduces waste and saves you the expense and hassle of purchasing and shipping a traditional ruler. Plus, you’re contributing to a more sustainable crafting world!

Making Your Printable Cross Stitch Ruler Last

You probably don’t want to print the ruler every time you need it. These tips can help you make it last!

  1. Laminate It: For a durable and reusable ruler, consider laminating it. This simple step can protect it from wear and tear.
  2. Cover with Contact Paper: If laminating isn’t an option, use clear contact paper to give it a protective coating. You could put a piece of light card under it before you laminate, to give it a bit more body. Or, print onto light card to cut out a step!
  3. Proper Storage: Store your ruler in a flat, dry place to prevent curling or damage. A folder or a craft drawer is perfect.

Choosing the Right Fabric

With this ruler, quickly pick the perfect fabric count for your design every time.

How to use an aida ruler
quickly see this is not 22 count



There You Have It

A complete guide to using our printable cross stitch ruler!

And this handy helper is available for free when you join our newsletter. We can’t wait to see how it transforms your stitching!

Let’s make every stitch count, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and creations with us.

Your journey inspires us, and we love being part of it. Happy stitching!

Our Free Printable Cross Stitch Ruler

Our Free Printable Cross Stitch Ruler

Get our Free Printable Cross Stitch Ruler!

Never puzzle over Aida fabric size again!

Our Free Printable Cross Stitch Ruler is the perfect tool for helping you to identify fabric counts fast.

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